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How to Hire the Best Marketing Agency

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September 11, 2023

Running a small business? It’s like juggling, right? Every day there’s something new to catch. You’ve got to decide what stuff you can handle, and what’s better handed off to someone else.

Now, the real pickle: finding that perfect expert to help out. Marketing agencies? They can be game-changers! But they’re all so different. Some are super specialized, others have a whole mix of talents, and oh, the prices can be all over the place.

Thinking of getting a marketing agency on board? Before diving in, check out our easy-peasy guide on how to choose the right one. No jargon, just straight talk! 

Marketing Agency

The Importance of Hire a Marketing Agency for Your Business

Hiring a marketing agency for your business is a game-changer. They bring expertise you might lack, save you time, and deliver results.

Imagine you run a boutique fashion store. A marketing agency knows the trends and can target the right audience better than you could alone.

Managing marketing in-house can be all-consuming. With an agency on your side, you get to dive deep into running your business, while they take care of the marketing magic.

Here’s the best part: agencies are an investment, not an expense. For instance, if you have a software startup, they can increase your leads and sales. You’ll see a return on your investment and track campaign success.

In short, hiring a marketing agency means tapping into expertise, saving time, and getting results. It’s like having a marketing superhero for your business!

Types Of Marketing Agencies

Marketing Agencies
Thinking about diving into the world of marketing? There’s a lot of flavors to it! Depending on what you want to achieve and, of course, your budget, there’s likely a marketing avenue that’s just right for you. Here’s a quick and easy breakdown of the different types of marketing agencies:

  1. Marketing Consultants: Think of them as your marketing coaches. They give you advice, tips, and strategies. You’ll do the heavy lifting by executing the plan, but they’ll guide you through it.
  2. Direct Marketing: Remember those cool brochures or flyers you get in your mailbox? That’s direct marketing. If you’re a local biz wanting to target nearby neighborhoods, this can be a great route. And there are agencies dedicated just to this.
  3. Telemarketing: Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Ugh, telemarketers.” But wait! Telemarketing has evolved. It’s more about text message marketing now, which is way less intrusive. Just remember, if you go this route, the agency needs to play by the rules and allow people to opt in and out.
  4. Digital Marketing: Let’s face it, we all live online now. Digital marketing agencies make sure when folks search for something you offer, they find you. Through fancy things like SEO and online ads, they boost your online presence big time.
  5. Print Marketing: For those who still love the feel of a newspaper ad or a cool brochure, print marketing agencies got you covered. They help design and distribute all sorts of tangible marketing goodies.
  6. Market Research: These are your data detectives. They won’t promote your business, but they’ll tell you a ton about your audience and what might tickle their fancy.

So, there you have it! Figure out what you need, and there’s probably an agency ready to help you out. Good luck! 

Understanding Marketing Company Pricing

So, you’re wondering how marketing companies set their prices, huh? Well, it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation. 

Imagine you’re shopping for shoes. Some pairs fit perfectly and others… not so much. The same goes for marketing. If you’re a small business, a cozy, boutique agency might just do the trick for social media. 

But if you need full-blown brand management? That bigger, glitzy firm might be the way to go.

Wyatt once told me something interesting. He said, “Look, everyone’s counting their pennies these days. But it’s not just about how much you spend, but where and how wisely you spend it. Whether you’re putting in $1,000 on Facebook ads by yourself, or investing more with professionals, your outcomes can be worlds apart.”

Now, let’s get a bit nerdy. If you’ve been shopping around, here’s a rough guide to what you might come across:

  • SEO: Think monthly. Like a subscription, but for better Google rankings. It can be anything from $1,500 to $5,000.
  • PPC: It’s a bit like setting aside a slice of your pie (or monthly ad budget) – somewhere between 5% and 20%.
  • Email Marketing: This one’s interesting. It could be as little as $300 or shoot up to $5,000, depending on how fancy you want to get.
  • Social Media Marketing: This is a wide ballpark – anywhere from a casual $900 to a more premium $20,000.
  • Website Design: It’s like buying a car. Some are functional, some are flashy. You could be spending $2,500 or even $100,000. But, word to the wise, for most smaller ventures, you shouldn’t be shelling out more than $10,000.

The key takeaway? While price tags matter, it’s the value, the fit, that really counts. What do you think?

How to choose a marketing company

Jumping into the world of marketing companies? 

marketing company

Picking one isn’t just about the budget. It’s like handing over the microphone at your event – they’ll set the tone for your brand. 

You need to trust them. And while cost matters, the relationship and results matter even more. Good communication? It’s golden. 

And let’s not forget: you’ll want those regular updates to see if things are jamming. 

So, take your time, feel the vibe, and find your perfect marketing partner with all those tips:

  • Choosing the Right Marketing Company: Start with Clear Goals

Thinking of hiring a marketing company? Hold up a sec! First, let’s chat about your goals. You gotta be sharp and specific here. 

Instead of just saying, “I want to see more sales,” how about zooming in a bit? Maybe something like, “I’m aiming to boost clicks on my online store,” or “I’d love to shrink that pesky cart abandonment rate.”

Why? Well, clear goals and defined KPIs are like a compass. They’ll guide you to the right marketing agency and help you gauge how well things are rolling as you team up.

Travis McKnight from Portent suggests matching your needs with the team’s skills. Decide what you want, then find your marketing match!

  • Choosing a Marketing Firm: Check References and Expertise

Before you shake hands with a marketing firm, do a bit of homework. What’s the word on the street about them? Hearing from businesses similar to yours can be super enlightening. Especially zero in on those firms whose offerings align with your needs.

David Wyatt from Mighty Coconut drops a gem: always chat with recent clients. Why? Well, the marketing world can be like a rollercoaster – it has its ups and downs. You want the latest scoop on how a firm is doing.

And here’s a pro tip: if there’s a marketing company tailored to your niche, that’s gold! Kathryn Carter Heck from Coalmarch, for instance, mentions the advantage of industry specific marketing. Coalmarch focuses on pest control marketing. This means they get the industry’s seasonal rhythm and truly grasp how customers shop in that field. That kind of insider knowledge? Priceless for small businesses

  • Make your Marketing Firm Shortlist

After pinpointing a few marketing firms that vibe with your goals and cater to businesses in your industry, jot down a shortlist. 

Next, reach out directly. Let them know you’re thinking about teaming up. 

Making this connection can offer deeper insights and pave the way for a potential collaboration

  • See previous work from the agencies on your list.

When zeroing in on your chosen marketing firms, don’t hesitate to ask for a peek at their past projects. Want an engaging business website? Request to see some they’ve designed. Eyeing social media management? Have a look at other accounts they’ve handled.

David Wyatt offers a nugget of wisdom: not every marketing firm is cut from the same cloth. Just like, if you’re a hammer, everything seems like a nail. So, understand what you truly need before diving in.

Indeed, samples aren’t just visuals – they showcase the depth and breadth of a marketing firm’s expertise.

  • Does Their Marketing Impress You? Check It Out

Want to know a marketing company’s worth? 

Just look at how they market themselves. Dive into their website and socials. If you’re wowed, they can probably do the same for your brand. If not, think twice. 

As Kathryn Heck puts it, if they don’t shine their own brand, can they truly boost yours? 

It’s worth pondering.

  • Reviews Matter: Do Your Homework

Thinking of partnering with a marketing company? 

Dive into their online reviews and testimonials. Trustworthy firms usually have plenty of feedback, and they’re transparent about it. Can’t find any reviews? 

That’s a warning sign.

David McHugh, once a CMO at Crediful, is clear: steer clear from companies lacking reviews or portfolios. 

No feedback might mean they’re new, or previous clients weren’t happy. Either way, they might not be the best fit for you. 

Always trust the collective voice of past customers. 

  • Pricing: Transparency is Key

Got a potential marketing company in mind? Dive into their pricing next. Focus on those that offer value within your budget range. 

Your earlier research comes in handy here: it helps you figure out if a company’s price tag matches industry standards or if they’re hiking rates.

Here’s the tricky part: many firms are tight-lipped about their fees online, nudging you to call for a quote. This can be a hassle and slows down your comparison efforts.

That’s why it’s golden to choose agencies that lay their cards on the table. If they showcase their packages and rates upfront, you can make quicker, well-informed choices, without waiting for a callback. 

Openness in pricing speaks volumes. 

Summing It Up

Choosing the perfect agency is a bit like dating. It takes time, patience, and a bit of homework. 

But, when you put in the effort, the reward is worth it. You want to ensure your business is in safe hands, right? 

Do your homework, be curious, and ask all the nitty-gritty questions. And if you’re unsure where to start your agency hunt, why not explore the Semrush Agency Partners directory? 

It’s a treasure trove of top-notch marketers waiting to take your business to the next level.

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