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11 Actually Useful Ways to Repurpose Content

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September 15, 2023

Ever heard of giving old content a makeover? That’s what we call “content recycling”. It’s like taking a good story you’ve told before and retelling it in a new way.

Imagine turning a detailed blog post into a cool infographic. Same info, just jazzed up and more visual. This way, the story reaches more people and feels fresh all over again.

You know that old t-shirt you love but don’t wear often anymore? “Content recycling” is like turning it into a trendy tote bag. The shirt’s essence is still there, but now it serves a new purpose and catches more attention.

Similarly, a blog post you wrote a while back can be transformed into a catchy video or infographic. It’s still the same great content but repackaged in a fresh, new way to reach a different audience. 

To make things clearer, let’s quickly discuss what content repurposing is and what it’s not:

Why Repurposing Content is a Clever Strategy?

Imagine having a favourite recipe. Each time you cook it, you try adding a new ingredient, and suddenly, it feels like a whole new dish. That’s the magic of repurposing content!

Diverse Tastes, Diverse Formats

We all have our go-to style of consuming information. Some of us are visual learners, hooked by colourful infographics that simplify intricate details. Meanwhile, others might prefer the warmth and authenticity of a podcast, feeling like they’re part of a conversation.

By reimagining your content into various formats, you’re not just recasting the net; you’re using a whole different fishing technique. This lets you connect with a broader audience, including those who’d probably skip your original content but will love its new version.

So, why stick to one when you can charm many?

Resurrecting Hidden Treasures

Imagine a favourite novel, tucked away in a corner of your bookshelf, just waiting to be rediscovered. You might stumble upon it one day, thinking, “Why haven’t I reread that whimsical tale of soaring whales in a while?”

Just like cherished stories, standout content pieces can get overshadowed in the ever-growing digital world. But bringing back those content classics in a new avatar? That’s like introducing your audience to that old tale with a fresh cover and additional chapters.

In revamping and reintroducing, you make sure those gems shine brightly once more, reminding everyone of their timeless charm.

Boosting Work with New Exposure

Crafting top-notch content requires immense effort and commitment. But, as we know, the digital world is a complex maze where many factors influence success.

Sometimes, even the most brilliant pieces can slip under the radar, maybe because of mere timing or sheer luck. That’s where the magic of content repurposing comes in, offering your hard work another shot at the spotlight.

It’s like giving a stellar performance another curtain call. By reshaping or recontextualizing your content, it gets a fresh lease on life. This encore not only presents it in a new light but also creates another chance for it to captivate its intended audience.

In short, repurposing is a smart move, rejuvenating your efforts and ensuring your content lingers in the minds of your audience, making its mark anew.

What Content Deserves A New Lease on Life?

Ever thought about which of your posts could be stars again? Not all content gets a second chance in the limelight, but some truly deserve it. Here’s how you can decide:

Stay Relevant:
Sure, a post about Google’s first big update might be nostalgic, but will it make waves again? Probably not. Choose topics that are still cool and relevant. Like, we all know the world didn’t end in 2012, so maybe let’s skip the Mayan apocalypse content.

What’s Hot:
Check your Google Analytics. Which posts got the most love last year? Dive into why they were hits, and you’ll get a good idea of what to bring back.

Spruce It Up:
Got a great post that just needs a little dusting? Maybe a mention of that old Hotmail account or an old web trend? Give it a fresh coat of paint and let it shine!

Think of it like a reunion of your favourite show’s characters. Not everyone comes back, but the best ones do. Choose wisely, update smartly, and watch your content dazzle your audience again. Here are

11 Actually Useful Ways to Repurpose Content

1. Discovering Valuable Evergreen Content

So, you’re looking to squeeze more juice out of your existing content, right? Let’s Talk about that. The goldmine you’re looking for? It’s called “Evergreen Content.” If I had to give one piece of advice to content marketers, it would be this: Focus almost entirely on creating Evergreen Content.

But what’s so special about it? Well, evergreen content and repurposing are like two peas in a pod. They’re perfect together.

For example, say you wrote about the latest Apple announcement. By the time you think of repackaging that info, it’s old news. But, if you had a solid piece about, say, cleaning your iPhone? That’s something people will always search for, and you can repurpose it time and again.

Now, I get it. Not everything on your site might be timeless. No worries! Your goal? Hunt down those evergreen gems. Once you’ve got ’em, think of fun and fresh ways to present them.

And if you’re tapping your pen, pondering, “Where’s the best starting point?”  Don’t sweat it. There are tons of cool ways to identify which content is perfect for a makeover. Ready to dive in?

Google Analytics:

Ever peeked at the “landing pages” section in Google Analytics?

It’s like a treasure map! Those pages with the most hits? That’s the content your audience can’t get enough of. And guess what?

If it’s a hit here, it’s probably going to be loved elsewhere too. Definitely worth exploring for content ideas!

YouTube Analytics:
Ever had a look at your YouTube Studio to see which videos are making waves? It’s pretty cool, right?

Imagine taking those top-performing videos and turning them into podcasts or even detailed blog posts. Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?

Post by Post Examination:

Ever scrolled through your blog feed? Take a moment to really look at each post. Which ones still feel fresh and relevant?

Sometimes, a few tweaks here and there can breathe new life into older pieces. Like, when we went through our guide on the Google Search Console, we noticed a few images and pointers that needed a little refresh.

By spotting and updating these evergreen gems, you can present them in new ways, reaching even more folks and giving your great content a longer shelf life. Cool, right?

2. Turn Videos into Awesome Blog Posts! 

So, you’ve got this fantastic video and you’re thinking, “How can I turn this into a blog post that my readers will love?” It’s easier than you might think!

First, jot down everything that’s been said in the video. This will be the backbone of your blog. Now, before you dive into writing, do a bit of keyword research. Find those trendy words related to your video’s topic – this is going to help a lot of people find and love your post.

Once you’ve got your transcript and keywords, take a moment to tidy everything up. Instead of a simple copy-paste, mould your transcript to feel like it’s meant to be read, not watched. And as you’re going along, naturally weave in those juicy keywords. This will give your blog a little SEO magic!

But wait, there’s more! As you transition from video to text, feel free to dive deeper into certain topics or add some fresh insights. It gives your blog that extra punch. And to wrap things up, make sure your post is easy on the eyes. Catchy headings, a few images, maybe even a list or two – they all guide your reader and make your content so much more enjoyable.

And just like that, you’ve transformed a stellar video into an equally awesome blog post! How cool is that?

3. Grab those golden nuggets!

Ever invite smart folks or industry pros to your articles? It’s because they’ve got cool stuff to say, right?

Why not pick their best quotes and share them on social media or in your newsletters?

It’s like giving your followers bite-sized wisdom! Just like how HubSpot Academy does on their Instagram.

4. Share the love across platforms! 

Got something cool on Facebook?

Why not let your LinkedIn buddies see it?

Or maybe take that neat YouTube preview and give your Instagram fans a sneak peek. It’s like giving your content another chance to shine!

Stacey Abrams, for instance, took her Twitter moment and showcased it on Instagram. Try it out!

5. Repurpose your videos for TikTok and Instagram Reels.

Videos have become a crucial marketing tool. Did you know that in a recent Wyzowl survey, a whopping 84% of people mentioned they were swayed to purchase a product after watching a brand’s video?

Now, if you’re already creating videos for your website or YouTube, why not maximise their potential? Platforms like TikTok have exploded in popularity, boasting a staggering billion active users every month.

Not only does TikTok allow videos up to three minutes, but it’s also a fabulous way to tap into a broader, engaged audience. Dive in, and give your content a fresh spin for these platforms!

6. Turn your articles into an ebook or even an audiobook.

Put in a lot of effort into those well-researched articles? Let’s get more mileage out of them!

Consider bundling some of your top articles into an ebook. Just pick your favourites, give them a little polish for flow, and voilà – you have a book ready!

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, how about venturing into the world of audiobooks?

Sure, it might take a tad more effort and perhaps a small investment – think quality recording equipment or maybe even a voice actor.

But once done, platforms like Amazon or Apple Books can help introduce your content to a whole new audience. Sounds like a plan, right?

7. Transform podcast transcripts into blog entries or newsletters.

Podcasts are all the rage nowadays! Their audio format makes it easy for folks to tune in, whether they’re on the road or breaking a sweat at the gym.

But why stop there? How about giving those podcast episodes another life? Try converting your podcast transcripts into blog articles.

This not only helps boost your website’s content but also caters to those who’d rather skim and read than listen.

Or consider turning those transcripts into engaging newsletters. It’s a great way to keep your audience updated and ensure you’re inclusive, especially for those with hearing challenges.

Everyone gets to join the conversation!

8. Turn Your Article into a LinkedIn Carousel Ad 

You know those fun carousel posts we all love on Instagram and Facebook? Guess what? You can whip up the same vibe on LinkedIn!

LinkedIn isn’t just for job hunting or professional networking anymore. It’s a goldmine to show off what your business is all about and chat about your products or services.

Got a killer article already? No need to start from scratch for LinkedIn. Transform that piece into cool visual slides, aka Carousel Ads, and watch your content get a second wind.

Keep sharing, keep shining!

9. Breathe Life into Old Posts with Quizzes! 

Hey there! Noticed that some of your fab blog posts aren’t getting the love they used to? Instead of constantly churning out new content, how about giving those older ones a snazzy makeover?

Enter the magical world of quizzes!

Why not turn your post about ‘planning the perfect holiday’ into a fun quiz like “Which Dream Destination Suits Your Personality?” Feeling lost on where to kick things off? Think of it as standing in front of a treasure map, just waiting for that first clue.

Quizzes = engagement boosters. Give it a go and see those older posts shine again!

10. Reimagine Your Content with Google Web Stories! 

Hey content creators!  Ever scrolled through Instagram Stories and wished there was a similar platform for Google? Wish no more! Enter: Google Web Stories.

Picture this: turning your well-crafted blogs or captivating social media videos into immersive, snackable web stories. And yep, they come with all the bells and whistles—video, audio, and text!

Google Web Stories is like the cool cousin of Instagram Stories. The cherry on top? You get to choose the lifespan of your story. No more 24-hour limit! Plus, imagine your story popping up on Google Discover when users are chilling on the Google app. Talk about exposure!

So, if you’ve got content already out there, give it a little twist and watch it shine on Google Web Stories. Happy storytelling!

11. Spread the Word on Quora! 

Hey content creators! While you’re probably hustling on the big platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, have you dipped your toes in the Quora pond yet?

Quora isn’t just for those random questions we all have at 3 a.m. It’s a goldmine for repurposing content. Whether you’re answering questions or using Quora’s user blogs, it’s all about giving your content a second home.

Next time you’ve got a great piece of content, don’t just stop at your usual platforms. Swing by Quora and share the knowledge. Because who knows? Your next big audience might just be a question away! 💡🙌


Give Old Content a Fresh Spin!

Ever felt that deja vu moment where you think, “I’ve covered this before”? That’s because repurposing content is like a secret weapon in our toolkit. And trust me, it’s not just a lazy shortcut – it’s a savvy move.

Repurposing is like that makeover show where they transform an old house into a dream home. It can boost your SEO, help you reach new audiences, and more. Plus, here’s a pro tip: think about how you’ll repurpose BEFORE you even start writing. One masterpiece can spawn countless fresh pieces.

The golden rule? Always focus on adding value. As long as you’re enhancing the original piece, you’re on the right track.

So, my creative pals, how do you remix your content? Any game-changing methods? Drop some wisdom – I’m all ears!


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