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7 Proven Steps to Perfect Your Digital Marketing Funnel

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September 15, 2023

Digital marketing? It can be a head-spinning circus sometimes. 

With everyone and their grandma throwing “expert” advice at you, it’s like being lost in a never-ending maze of tips and tricks. 

Ever sat there wondering if you’ve made a dent in your goals? Or if you’re even on the right track?

Now, imagine having a map in this chaos: the marketing funnel. Think of it as that trusty friend guiding you when you’re feeling overwhelmed. 

It shows you the journey of your potential customer, from their first “Oh, this looks cool” moment to the glorious “Take my money!” decision. 

By getting the lowdown on this funnel, you’ll figure out where the magic happens, and more importantly, where things might be slipping through the cracks.

So, how about we dive in together? 

We’ll explore each stage, share some nifty strategies, and, trust me, by the end, you’ll feel a lot more in control. Let’s roll!

What’s the Deal with the Digital Marketing Funnel?

Okay, so imagine you’re trying to pour some water into a bottle. If you’re using a funnel, it starts wide at the top, guiding all that water smoothly into the bottle without making a mess. 

Now, replace that water with potential customers, and that bottle with your business. That’s the digital marketing funnel for you!

You might be wondering: “Why call it a ‘funnel’? Why not just call it a ‘step-by-step guide’ or something?” Here’s the thing. 

Just like our water example, a digital marketing funnel lets you bring in a whole bunch of potential customers, guide them through your content, and voila, they end up buying your stuff.

So, it’s called a ‘funnel’ because you’re taking these folks on a journey, from broad content to specific, “Hey, buy this!” messages.

Most funnels have these four cool stops:

1. Awareness

This is the starting line. You’re telling people about your product. It’s the “Hey, we exist!” stage. Use things like social media posts, blogs, and ads to spread the word.

2. Evaluation

Here, folks know about you and are thinking, “Is this right for me?” They’re comparing and thinking about the benefits. Helpful reviews and detailed product info can guide them.

3. Conversion

This is the decision moment. Potential customers are close to buying, but might need a little nudge. Special offers or clear info on the product can help them decide.

4. Delight

After buying, keep the relationship going. Updates, support, and extra perks can make sure they stay happy and come back for more.

Sounds straightforward, doesn’t it? They spot you, they get curious, they kinda crave what you offer, and then they jump aboard. 

But here’s where the fun begins: crafting the perfect content for each stage. That’s the secret sauce to moving them from one step to the next.

7 Proven Steps to Perfect Your Digital Marketing Funnel

1. Set A Goal For Your Marketing Funnel Model

Before we dive deep into this whole funnel thing, let’s pump the brakes a bit. Picture yourself like Alice, teetering on the edge of a rabbit hole. Before the leap, you gotta know where you want to land. Simply put, what’s the goal for your online marketing journey?

It’s kind of like setting off on a road trip without a map (or a GPS, because it’s the digital age after all). You need to know your destination. So, ask yourself, what are you really after?

  • Downloading your epic e-book?
  • Folks showing up for your webinars?
  • Those ever-exciting demo requests?
  • Sign-ups for your awesome free trial?
  • Monthly subs to your exclusive content?
  • Or maybe, the grand slam of complete sales?

Dream big! Heck, dream of having them all. But for each marketing maneuver, focus on one clear goal. Maybe you’re eyeing a 20% sales hike by year-end? 

Set that target, and then map out your content game plan to make that digital marketing journey a smashing success.

2. Focus on the Right Leads

Think about growing apples. You wouldn’t plant orange seeds, would you?

That’s what you’re doing if you’re not zeroing in on the right folks in your digital marketing efforts.

Resources are precious. So why spend them on people who aren’t interested in your product? If you’re selling pet food, for instance, chat with pet owners. Even if it’s the best pet food around, it won’t mean a thing to someone without a pet.

Now, everyone talks about ‘buyer personas’, but there’s a reason for it. It’s Marketing 101: Know your audience. If you’re clueless about who you’re talking to, it’s like shooting in the dark.

Especially for software companies: without understanding their ideal customers, they’re just tossing content left and right. That’s neither efficient nor effective.

But, with a clear picture of your customer – their habits, needs, and preferences – you can craft a content strategy that truly connects and converts.

3. Be Their Problem-Solver

Everyone hits snags, and that’s where software shines as a solution. It’s a fact: most people Google their problems, hoping for an answer.

That’s your golden opportunity. By generously sharing what you know, like Vidyard does, you can become a magnet for potential customers. Instead of bombarding with ads, offer them real value. 

Provide those answers they’re seeking, and you’ll not only capture their attention but also their trust, setting the stage for your brand to be their next favorite solution.

4. Don’t Be Pushy

Sure, the goal of internet marketing is to make sales, but rushing things? Big mistake. Bombarding potential customers with pitches too soon is a major turn-off.

Imagine this: You download a helpful guide and suddenly, you’re flooded with sales calls. Not cool, right? You’re still processing the info, and they’re pushing a sale.

It’s proven that misaligned marketing and sales tactics can cost a company big bucks – around 10% of revenue yearly. Yet, many still get this wrong.

Here’s a tip: Educate before you promote. Engage in conversations about their challenges, especially the ones they’ve just learned about from your content.

Good marketing isn’t just about making noise; it’s about being there at the right time with the right info. So, when people are genuinely interested and ready, that’s when you gently guide them towards a purchase. It’s all about timing and building trust.

5. Show Off!

Look, humility is great and all, but when you’re in the digital marketing world selling software, it’s time to strut your stuff.

This isn’t about bragging over neighborhood tug-of-war victories (though props to you on that!). It’s about highlighting your software company’s real wins.

People love stories of success. That’s why content like testimonials, case studies, and influencer shout-outs are gold. It’s about taking someone from just being curious about you to genuinely wanting what you offer.

Got rave reviews about your customer service? Flash those testimonials. Known for nailing big data solutions? Dive into the details in your blog.

The point is: Don’t hide your light. Whether it’s the care you show to your team, the bond with your customers, or even the extra mile you go in unrelated areas (like that impressive roofing job) – blend these wins into your marketing story.

6. Make It All About Your Customers

Let’s be real: people love feeling special. And if your marketing doesn’t make them feel that way, even the best software can seem like a dud.

It’s all about the personal touch. Customers should see your product and immediately think, “Wow, this is exactly what I need!”

Think of your digital marketing funnel as your blueprint to achieve this. Take SaaS landing pages as an example. They’re powerful because they often serve as a first impression. And we’ve seen that when they’re done right, they have killer conversion rates.

Your content should make visitors instantly recognize themselves in what you’re offering. Essentially, they should leave thinking, “This software? It’s like it was made just for me!”

7. Don’t Ghost After They Buy

Congrats! Your sales funnel did its magic and your customers clicked that “buy” button. Time to pop the champagne? Not so fast.

Your work isn’t over after the sale. In the SaaS world, it’s all about subscriptions. So, you’ve got to keep showing your customers love if you want them to stick around.

How to keep the love alive:

  • Share tips and tricks for using your software.
  • Throw in some exclusive discounts now and then.
  • Help out fast if they run into problems.
  • Create a space where they can chat, like a forum.
  • Ask for their thoughts on your product.
  • Reward them if they bring friends on board.
  • Give them first dibs on fresh content like webinars and articles.

Remember, a happy customer doesn’t just stay—they talk. And 80% of them are more likely to spread the love if they have a great experience post-purchase.

Stay connected. Listen to their needs and concerns. It’s not just about selling; it’s about building a community around your brand.

Finding Your Footing in Digital Marketing

Navigating the world of conversion funnel digital marketing might feel daunting if you’re new to this approach.

Feeling overwhelmed? Wondering if you should revamp everything or make minor tweaks? Here’s a roadmap to guide you:

  • Evaluate Current Content: Does your content resonate with your target audience? If not, it’s time to refresh and realign.
  • Craft Relevant Content: Understand your audience and deliver what they’re craving. What works best may vary based on your audience’s preferences.
  • Optimize for Search: Ensure your site is easy to find by refining your SEO strategy. Consider industry-specific keywords.
  • Choose Wisely: Every platform won’t suit your message. Review your performance metrics and double down on what’s effective.
  • Educate Your Audience: With 77% of B2B marketers focusing on educational content, consider sharing knowledge that benefits your audience.
  • Try New Formats: Explore different content mediums, from influencer marketing to YouTube videos. Experimentation can lead to surprising successes.
  • Refresh and Reuse: Got content that previously performed well? Repurpose it. Presenting it in a new way can capture a fresh audience.

Revamping your digital marketing funnel is no small feat. If it feels too weighty, consider teaming up with a marketing agency to bolster your efforts.


You now have a grasp of how to harness your digital marketing funnel to promote SaaS effectively.

By consistently focusing on delivering relevant and educational content, you pave the way for stronger customer loyalty. Don’t be sidetracked by fleeting marketing trends. Prioritize a clear strategy of insightful, tailored content that deepens your bond with customers.

Still, finding it challenging? No harm in seeking expert guidance. Reach out to us for insights on optimizing your digital marketing funnel for better conversions.

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