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How to Boost Social Media Engagement: 11 Top Tips

14 minutes read
September 20, 2023

Ever feel like diving into the realm of social media is akin to stepping into the wild, hoping to catch a glimpse of the majestic mountain gorilla? 

One moment you’re setting up camp (or in our case, a profile), and the next, you’re trying to figure out how to engage with this incredible beast without scaring it off.

Now, we all get the drill: a robust social media presence is key, and killer content? That’s your golden ticket. 

With trusty tools like Hootsuite, managing posts is a breeze. But if you’re scratching your head, thinking, “What do I even post?”, trust me, you’re not in the boat alone.

Think of this guide as your trusty binoculars. From unlocking the secrets of captivating posts to diving into the vibrant ocean of content ideas, we’re setting you up for the ultimate expedition. 

And here’s the best part: you can skip to the sights you want to see most. So, pack your bags (or rather, your digital toolkit), and let’s journey into the heart of social media and discover its magic together! 

Ready to roll? 

Dive into the World of Videos

Remember that mesmerizing feeling when you paused your social media scrolling for a cool video clip? Well, you’re not alone! According to Wyzowl’s enlightening 2021 State of Video Marketing report, a whopping 85% of folks are shouting, “More videos, please!” And guess what? Videos are the social media prom queens, getting shared twice as much as their text-based cousins.

But hold up, you’re probably thinking you need to be the next Spielberg or Tarantino. Well, surprise, surprise! Ditch the “Hollywood” mindset. It’s not about rolling out the red carpet quality every time. Viewers adore videos that resonate with their passions, tickle their interests, or add a new skill to their toolkit. So, unleash your creativity, even if it’s just with your smartphone.

Just ask Matty Rogers from Evolve Skateboards. Their electric skateboard videos are a hit, not just because they’re glossy, but because they’re a burst of fun! So, next time you’re plotting that killer post, remember: a playful video can be the ticket to your audience’s heart. Ready, set, action!

Say Goodbye to Stock Photos 

Think stock photos are a quick, visually appealing fix for your social media posts? Think again. While they may be easy to snag and often look polished, they’re not your best friends when it comes to audience engagement or SEO.

Need some real-talk proof? Marketing Experiments ran a test comparing a genuine client photo with a top-tier stock image. The verdict? Those exposed to the real-deal photo were 35% more jazzed to sign up! Plus, let’s not forget the staggering 62% of consumers who assert that top-notch product images are the deal-breakers in their buying journey.

Dive into these three sparkling tips to elevate your image game:

  • Localize Your Lens: Partner with a neighbourhood photographer to craft images that vibe with your content plan.
  • DIY Brilliance: On a budget? No sweat! Your high-tech smartphone, coupled with a few nifty props, can work wonders.
  • Synergy is Key: Ensure your images and text do the tango. Let your photos be more than just text dividers; let them amplify your message and hammer home your main points.

Stay authentic, and watch your engagement soar! 

Repurpose Your Evergreen Content

Did you realize that our brains are kinda like magpies, attracted to shiny things? Visual content sticks around in our memories 65% longer than plain ol’ text!

So, how about giving your classic, evergreen content a fresh, glitzy makeover? Transform those gems into snazzy infographics, captivating charts, and scroll-stopping social media visuals.

Before you dive in, here are some gold-star tips to ensure your graphics shine:

Highlight the Essentials: Let your visuals shout out the heart of your content.

Craft Share-Worthy Snippets: Extract pithy quotes or tweak key points for that ‘share’ appeal.

Leverage Handy Tools: No need to be a design guru; platforms like Canva and Piktochart have got your back with their user-friendly templates.

Happy repurposing! Watch as your revamped content turns heads and garners double-taps. 

Share Customer Testimonials & Reviews

Picture yourself on the brink of a new purchase. Who would you trust more: the sales pitch or the voice of someone who’s been in your shoes? The answer seems obvious, doesn’t it?

A staggering 78% of shoppers place their bets on online reviews, with nearly 68% saying these play a massive role in their buy-or-bypass decisions. Even more telling? 72% won’t even think of hitting ‘purchase’ without first diving into those reviews!

So, marketers, here’s a golden nugget: Let your customers be your brand ambassadors. Their words hold immense sway, turning fence-sitters into believers.

While you’ve showcased these glowing testimonials on your site and blog, it’s high time they shine on your social channels too. Jazz them up with appealing visuals, pair them with catchy captions, and let the magic unfold!

Stay Ahead with Trendy Imagery

Want to sprinkle your feed with eye-catching visuals that not only stand out but also strike a chord with your followers?

Let’s embark on a delightful treasure hunt to uncover the latest visual treasures:

Whisk Away to Pinterest Land: Have you ever strolled through Pinterest’s Most Repinned Page? It’s like a secret garden, bursting with pins that users can’t get enough of.

Instagram’s Hashtag Maze: Amidst the vast world of hashtags, ones like #love are like the sparkling stars on a clear night. Dive deep, and you’ll find posts that make hearts flutter. And psst… a little spy game on your competitors’ hashtags wouldn’t hurt. 

Google, Our Trusty Guide: Like an old friend, Google has a plethora of insights. Websites like Canva? They’re like the cafes where cool kids hang out, spilling the latest trends over a cuppa.

A Trip Down Memory Lane with Analytics: Your past posts? Think of them as diary entries. Delve into them, embrace the highs, learn from the lows, and carve a path forward with newfound wisdom.

Embracing the latest visual trends is like updating your wardrobe – it keeps things fresh, exciting, and oh-so-relatable. So, roll up those sleeves and let’s make your feed the talk of the town!

Host Competitions

Ready to kick your social media engagement up a notch? Hosting a competition might just be the magic potion you need. But before we dive into the gaming arena, let’s iron out a few essentials.

Gameplays that Win Hearts:

  • Like, Comment, Pass it On! – Ever played Chinese whispers? It’s similar. Get your users to like, comment, and share your post. The louder the buzz, the better!
  • Tag! You’re it! – Remember tag? Get your audience to tag their pals. Every friend tagged equals a notch up in the entry list.
  • Spotlight on YOU – This is where the stage belongs to your audience. Let them set the theme, craft a post, and bask in the limelight. Don’t forget to watch the magic unfold as they tag your brand.

Rules of the Game:

Each social media platform is like a new city. And as all travelers do, familiarize yourself with the local guidelines.

Instagram & Facebook’s Rulebook:

  • Be the honest game master. Lay out all rules transparently.
  • Picture perfect! Don’t ask users to tag photos they’re not in.
  • Let’s clear the air – neither Instagram nor Facebook sponsors your show. Make sure your participants know.

Twitter’s Dos and Don’ts:

  • One face, one voice! Multiple accounts for more entries? That’s a no-no.
  • Echoes are beautiful in mountains, not in tweets. So, steer clear of repeated tweets.
  • Your content should be a safe haven. No harm, no foul.
  • Respect privacy. After all, nobody likes unsolicited messages in real life, right?

Ready to set the dice rolling? Let the games begin! And remember, it’s all about the journey, the interactions, and the community you build along the way. Happy gaming! 

Give a Shoutout to Influencers & Bloggers You Mention

Ever sprinkled your blogs with a dash of wisdom from influencers? It’s like the secret sauce to light up any content. But let’s not close the book just yet.

Shoutouts, the Digital Age Cheers!

  • Tag, You’re Featured! – If you’ve borrowed a leaf from an influencer’s wisdom tree, let them know. Tag them alongside your content snippet.
  • Picture-Perfect Quotes – Turn that golden quote into a snazzy graphic. And as you unveil it to the world, ensure the influencer gets a front-row seat by tagging them.

It’s not just about the nods and mentions. It’s like ringing a friend’s doorbell to show them a portrait you painted with their colors. And who knows, their audience might just become fans of your canvas too!

So, next time you sip inspiration from an influencer, let them know. It’s a win-win for engaging stories and mutual admiration. Cheers to weaving stories together!

Pop Those Social Buttons in Your Email Newsletters

Remember the age-old debate of email vs. social media? Time to end that rivalry. Why choose when they can happily co-exist?

Here’s the secret sauce:

  • Power of Synergy: Let’s intertwine your emails and social media. Sprinkle those email newsletters with vibrant social media buttons.
  • Skim-readers rejoice: We know, many glance through emails like a fleeting sunset. Those bright buttons? They’ll catch their eyes in an instant!
  • Easy Gateway to More: Give your readers a smooth slide from reading your newsletter to binging on your Instagram stories or latest tweets.

So, as you draft that next email, remember to attach a bridge to your buzzing social media world. It’s like offering a dessert menu after a gourmet meal – hard to resist! Bon Appétit! 

The Secret Sauce of Hashtags

Ever felt like you’re whispering in a noisy room when posting on social media?

It’s time to use the magic of hashtags! They’re not just trendy add-ons; they’re like social media search engines. 

Here’s the lowdown:

  • Why Hashtags Matter: Think of hashtags like breadcrumbs leading people to your content. On platforms like Instagram, your post pops up on the hashtag’s page. So, #tbt isn’t just nostalgia; it’s a movement!
  • One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Just as you’d dress differently for a beach day vs. a fancy dinner, you need different hashtag strategies for different platforms. They’re gold on Instagram but might be mere glitter on Facebook.
  • The Perfect Measure: Overwhelmed? Here’s a cheat sheet:
  • Twitter: Keep it concise with 1-2.
  • Facebook: 1-3’s the charm.
  • Instagram: Go big with 5-30. Flex those fingers!
  • Pinterest: Balance is key, aim for 2-5.

So, next time you hit ‘post’, remember to sprinkle some hashtag magic and watch your content shine!

Why Not Dive Into Stories & Reels?

Thinking about posting stories or reels on Instagram and Facebook? Well, here’s the scoop: you definitely should.

Here’s the deal: Reels can get you a whopping 67% more interactions compared to regular videos. 

Plus, with TikTok boasting over a billion active users each month, it’s clear folks are loving these bite-sized videos. So, why not join the fun?

Who Doesn’t Love a Good Quiz or Riddle?

Ever had one of those days? You know, drowning in a sea of work tasks and a mountain of assignments from your evening classes. But instead of diving in, you’re over here taking a quiz to see what cheese you’d be. Been there, done that. (Okay, maybe not the mountain of tasks, but definitely the cheese quiz!)

Here’s the thing: quizzes, puzzles, and riddles are like magnets. They pull people in. If you want a little more buzz on your socials, whip up a fun quiz or riddle and watch the magic happen.

Wrapping It Up

So, here’s the deal: Social media marketing? Big game-changer. But it doesn’t mean you’ve got to be swamped by it.

All you need is a sprinkle of creativity and a dash of elbow grease. Do that, and you’ll whip up content that not only gets people talking but also gets them clicking over to your site. And hey, who doesn’t want a bit more brand love?

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