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How to Get Faster SEO Results

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September 15, 2023
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Got your SEO game on but feeling like the snail in the race? We’ve all been there. Whether you’re managing SEO from your cozy home office or partnering up with a swanky agency, there’s a shared pain. 

It’s like waiting for your avocado to ripen – it takes its sweet time, and suddenly, it’s past its prime! But what if I told you there’s a way to get that ‘just-right’ moment faster?

The real deal is that you’re not entirely at the mercy of the SEO gods. Trust me, there’s a bunch of magic tricks you can pull off to see those rankings soar. 

And it’s all thanks to a concept that the legendary Hamlet Batista coined as “Agile SEO”. Stick with me, and we’ll dive right into it.

Why Speed Matters More Than Ever

So, hands up if you’ve been hit with the classic, “When will our SEO start showing results?” It’s usually from a client or your boss during that Monday morning meeting, right? 

The typical go-to answer? “Oh, you know, between 4-12 months, maybe even 24 if we’re being real.”

But here’s the thing: with all the chaos of post-pandemic supply disruptions, potential economic hiccups, and everything becoming pricier (seriously, have you seen the price of coffee beans lately?), businesses want results, and they want them yesterday. 

So, your next raise or that shiny client renewal? It might just hinge on how nifty you are with speeding up those SEO outcomes. Let’s figure this out together, shall we? 

1. Score Some Backlinks!

Think about the last time you raved about a product to a friend. Felt good, right? Well, why not make it count even more?

Our feedback is like a treasured gift for emerging companies. Here’s a fun, super easy trick: Dig through your recent online purchases and look for two simple things:

  • a. A “Customer Reviews” or “Testimonials” section on their website that also kindly drops a link to the reviewer’s site
  • b. Check if their site has that SEO sparkle to give your site a lil’ boost.

Now, I’d advise you to aim for the Goldilocks zone – not too big, not too small, but just right. Think medium-sized businesses.

I mean, it’s going to be a marathon trying to woo the giants, and the smaller ones might not have that kick you’re looking for.

A personal win? I dropped some love for the folks at cms2cms.com, and boom, I bagged a pretty snazzy backlink.

Oh, and here’s a pro tip: Make this your go-to move. Borrow your friends’ shopping lists, try out a few new tools, share your thoughts, and watch those backlinks roll in! 

2. Recycle Your Star Content for Guest Blogging

Ever heard of working smarter, not harder? Well, guest blogging is a goldmine, but constantly brainstorming fresh topics can be… well, a tad exhausting.

So, here’s a neat trick: Remix your favorite article! Yup, just like your favorite songs get a new spin by DJs, give your top-performing article a little makeover and pitch it to different platforms.

Think of it like Apple’s approach to iPhones. Each year, a new model with a few tweaks here and there, but essentially the heart and soul remain the same. 

Or Microsoft’s strategy with Windows – a sprinkle of updates, a dash of design changes, but the core remains familiar.

The catch? Make sure each remix is unique enough so Google doesn’t see it as a repeated track. Trust me, it’s not as hard as it sounds. 

I’ve played around with up to 7 different versions of a single article, and sometimes, they even end up ranking side by side on search results!

So, the next time you’re guest blogging, save that brainpower and revisit your classics. Why start from scratch when you have a chart-topper in hand?

3. Use a Big Site’s Popularity to Boost Yours

Think of it like this: If you have a great song and nobody knows you, it might take ages to get noticed. But if a famous singer shares your song, suddenly everyone listens!

That’s how websites work. If you put your article on a new or lesser-known website, Google might take time to notice. But if you post on a popular website, you get seen faster.

I tried this once. Wrote a great article and shared it on a big website. In a week, it was top on Google search!

But how do you make sure people come to your website after reading on the bigger site? Simple! Give them a teaser in your article and direct them to your site for the full story.

So, share your best content where more people can see it, and guide them back to your site.

4. Don’t Just Buy Articles, Buy Positions

Here’s a shopping tip: Instead of buying new articles hoping they’ll rank, why not buy articles that already rank high on Google? They offer instant traffic and authority!

Many sites rank well for certain keywords but don’t capitalize on them because their focus is elsewhere. Instead of buying new content, try purchasing these high-ranking articles from them.

Not every top-ranking article will be available. But aim for those in positions 4 to 8. Once you acquire them, update and improve them, and they might climb even higher.

If buying outright isn’t an option, offer to update their content for free. In exchange, ask for a mention or backlink to your site. Or, propose a profit-sharing deal for the extra traffic your link brings.

Remember, it’s like real estate. Sometimes, it’s better to buy a fixer-upper in a great location than build a new house from scratch!

5. Spotting SEO Opportunities from Neglected Sites

Aiming for keywords with heavy competition? That’s a tough game. Instead, find keywords where sites seem to have forgotten about their own rankings. Here’s how to spot these golden opportunities:

Check the Last Update Date: If a site hasn’t updated their content in over six months, they might not be actively working on their SEO. That’s a potential opening for you.

Understand Their Goals: Not every website wants to monetize every piece of content. If they’re ranking well without actively trying, they might not be focusing on that keyword.

Quality Check: Visit these sites. If you think, “I can make something way better than this!” – that’s your cue. Outdoing their content can land you a good spot in the rankings.

Remember, fresh and high-quality content has a good chance to outshine the old. So, find those neglected spots and swoop in!

6. Perfecting a Few Articles for Quicker SEO Results

Imagine you’re at a buffet. Instead of piling up everything onto your plate, you’d enjoy the meal more if you chose a few dishes you truly love. The same applies to SEO. Here’s why focusing on just a few pieces of content can drive quicker results:

Quality Over Quantity: Would you rather keep adding articles that might not rank or improve one that’s close to the top? A lot of marketers get lost in constantly producing new content when refining existing pieces can skyrocket traffic.

The Power of One: Think of it this way – would you rather have five average businesses or one Facebook? Focusing energy on fewer projects can lead to bigger successes.

Spot the Almost-Stars: Use Search Console to identify pages ranking around positions 5 to 12. These have the potential to climb higher with just a bit of tweaking.

Content Enrichment: If a page is 600 words long, try extending it to 1,500 words with more valuable information.

Magnetic Titles: A captivating title can be a game-changer. With a little creativity (or some help from AI), you can craft titles that boost your click-through rate (CTR) immensely.

Engage, Engage, Engage: Analyzing user behavior on your page can offer insights to improve their stay duration. Tools like Smartlook or Hotjar can provide these insights. The longer visitors stay, the better signal it sends to Google.

Focus on a few things, not everything. Try these tips and see the difference!

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