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12 SEO Tips to Boost Your Organic Rankings & Traffic

24 minutes read
September 15, 2023

Lost in a maze of SEO advice? Let’s simplify things. I’ve got more than a decade of SEO expertise, and just to paint a picture: I’ve done 180+ video SEO audits for our newsletter fans in a short span.

But this isn’t about the usual tips. This is about real, hands-on strategies that successful websites use. And the best part? They’re inspired by our newsletter’s inside scoop.

While a few might sound basic, they’re the real game-changers many miss out on. Remember, in the world of SEO, it’s not just about keyword placement but understanding user intent, optimising meta tags, and ensuring high quality backlinks.

Ready for a boost? Here are my top 12 ways to elevate your organic rankings. Dive deep into on page optimization, backlink strategies, and meta tag tweaking to make the most of your online presence & organic search traffic. Let’s make your SEO journey smoother and more effective for organic rankings! Here is

12 SEO Tips to Boost Your Organic Rankings & Traffic

1. Target Relevant Primary and Secondary Keywords

The foundation of a robust SEO strategy rests upon meticulous keyword research. By wielding keywords adeptly, you possess the key to crafting content that beckons a larger audience to your digital realm.

Embark on this journey by discerning the primary and secondary keywords that harmonise seamlessly with your webpage’s essence.

Primary Precision: Your primary keyword assumes the role of the North Star, directing your content’s trajectory. Opt for a solitary primary keyword that encapsulates your webpage’s purpose, brand identity, products, and services.

Secondary Synergy: Secondary keywords emerge as steadfast allies, amplifying the main theme’s resonance. These keywords often delve into finer nuances than the primary counterpart, enriching your article’s substance. Integrate them organically, prioritising coherence over contrivance.

Empower with the Keyword Magic Tool: Empower your keyword journey with the indispensable Keyword Magic Tool. Commence by inputting a seed keyword that encapsulates your core subject. Then, pinpoint a primary keyword that resonates harmoniously with your aspirations. Imagine crafting an enlightening travel blog post; opt for a keyword of manageable difficulty, ensuring achievable milestones.

Strategic Insights: Traverse the Questions and Related Keywords sections to unearth a trove of potential supporting keywords. These facets infuse your content with depth and relevance, creating a tapestry of comprehensive keyword integration.

Deeper Exploration: For an enriched understanding, delve into our comprehensive blog post exploring the intricacies of the four essential keyword types that merit your focus.

From primary precision to secondary synergy, unearthing the latent potential of keywords becomes your strategic forte within the expansive realm of SEO.

 2. Create Exceptional Original Content for SEO Triumph

Chasing that dream of a buzzing digital presence? The magic key is super-charged original content. And no, I’m not talking about just any content. I mean the kind that strikes a chord, grabs attention, and lingers in the memory long after the last word.

Your Unique Voice: Ever think about that special flavour you bring to the table? That’s what your content should showcase! It’s all about making those heart-to-heart connections with readers. And, let me tell you, when you’re genuine, search engines – especially our buddy Google – are like, “I see you!” Mix in some solid SEO strategies, and bam! You’re on the radar for top search results.

All About the Deep Dive: Know that “Aha!” moment when you find the perfect answer after endless scrolling? Aim for your content to be THAT answer. Think comprehensive, authoritative, the full 411. It’s your shoutout to search engines saying, “Trust me, I’m the expert here!”

Harnessing the SEO Content Template Tool: Ever wished for a sneak peek behind the curtain of top ranking content? This tool’s your golden ticket. It dives into the best of the best, breaking down their SEO success recipe. With those insights, you’re geared up to weave some of that top tier magic into your content tapestry.

The Evergreen Magic: Ever come across those articles that just never get old? That’s the beauty of evergreen content. It’s like that song from the ’90s you still hum. Timeless. It keeps drawing traffic, even when you’re off to the next big thing in inbound marketing.

Crafting to Last: When diving into evergreen content, think of it as building a legacy. Instead of chasing the latest buzz or seasonal data, focus on topics that stay relevant – the kind of stuff people will still Googol years from now. It’s all about dodging the fleeting and hugging the ageless. This way, you’re setting up content that’s not just a moment, but a monument.

Mix that wellspring of originality with the art of crafting evergreen gems, and you’re on a smooth ride to the pinnacle of SEO success.

3. Rank for more long tail keywords with FAQ sections

FAQs, those handy helpers for user questions, hold the secret to better SEO. Add them to your page, and watch your content climb up search results for specific long tail keywords. 

Why FAQs Matter in SEO: Think of FAQs as an interactive guide for your users. They address prevalent questions and provide concise answers. But there’s more to it by embedding these FAQs, you’re optimising your content to rank favourably on search engines, especially for niche and specific search queries.

Witness the SEO Magic: For a clearer picture, consider our comprehensive guide on H1 tags. We included an FAQ addressing “How long should H1 tags be?” Result? A surge in our search rankings for that exact query. This exemplifies the sheer potential of FAQs in amplifying your content’s reach.

Capitalising on Content Potential: With the strategic use of FAQs, our piece on H1 tags not only gained traction but also solidified our position as thought leaders in the domain. Embracing the FAQ methodology can pave the way for heightened visibility and domain authority in your niche.

Screen Shot 2023 09 15 at 5.08.53 PM

 Finding FAQs for Your Content:

  • Head over to Keywords Explorer.
  • Type in your topic.
  • Check out the Matching Terms report.
  • Toggle to “Questions” to discover FAQs related to your topic.

FAQs: Your Content Ally: Embrace FAQs as your content’s sidekick. By addressing common questions, you’re directly catering to what users want. The result? A higher chance of getting noticed in searches.

4. Optimise Title Tags and Meta Descriptions for Better SEO

Unpacking Title Tags & Meta Descriptions: These might sound like jargon, but imagine them as name tags you’d wear at a networking event. They tell Google (and your potential visitors) what your web page is chatting about. Essentially, they’re your content’s elevator pitch in the search results world! 

Screen Shot 2023 09 15 at 5.10.10 PM

First Impressions Matter, Especially to Google: Google places a hefty emphasis on your title tags and meta descriptions. It’s often the introductory handshake your audience has with your content in the digital realm. And let’s face it, many decisions are made based on first impressions, right? Users often make the click-or-not decision based on this brief interaction. So, penning them down with care? Absolutely crucial.

The SEO All-Stars: Think of your title tag as the MVP of your SEO strategy. It’s not merely a header; it’s the quarterback driving your search engine rank. It deserves special attention – ensuring it’s infused with the right keywords, is of an optimal length, and is structured just right. The best part? This MVP doesn’t just shine in search results; it also takes centre stage at the top of your browser tab.

Pro Tips to Elevate Your Game:

  • Design unique title tags for every page.
  • Weave in primary keywords relevant to each page’s topic.
  • Craft engaging descriptions to entice clicks.
  • Infuse your brand or company name at the tag’s end.
  • Opt for sentence case or title case.
  • Keep it concise – a maximum of 60 characters.

Meta Descriptions: Your Page’s Story: A meta description is like a tiny paragraph that explains what your page is about. It’s not a direct ranking factor, but it holds sway over click-through rates, which indirectly impact your SEO.

Pro Tips for Stellar Descriptions:

  • Stay within 160 characters.
  • Integrate your target keywords.
  • Offer a glimpse of what your pages offer.

Unlocking SEO Excellence: Mastering title tags and meta descriptions is your gateway to SEO excellence. These small elements wield immense influence over how your page performs in searches. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the art of optimizing your digital presence.

5. Optimise with Short, Clear URLs for SEO Wins

Elevating your URL game can yield substantial on-page SEO rewards without breaking a sweat. A tidy URL not only aids search engines in comprehending your page but also presents a user-friendly façade in search results. 

Screen Shot 2023 09 15 at 5.11.07 PM

A Glimpse of Success: Picture this – a snappy URL that instantly informs both search engines and users about your content’s essence. It’s a visual asset that significantly impacts your online presence and requires minimal effort, making it a great starting point for those new to SEO.

 The Blueprint for Effective URLs:

  1. Keyword Clarity: Infuse relevant keywords into your URL, ideally featuring your primary keyword if feasible.
  2. Reader-Friendly: Crafting URLs that your visitors can decipher at a glance is key. When they see it, they should immediately grasp what your page is all about.
  3. Brevity Brilliance: Concise is the way to go – shorter URLs (around 60 characters) are the name of the game. Extensive URLs can pose processing challenges for search engines, potentially impacting your ranking.

Experience the SEO Transformation: Embarking on this URL optimization journey is a simple yet transformative stride toward SEO success. The power of crisp, meaningful URLs aligns seamlessly with search engine algorithms and enhances your visibility.

6. Optimise Your Graphics for SEO

A Picture Paints a Thousand Clicks: Graphics and images aren’t just digital decorations; they’re like visual storytellers, whispering your content’s narrative. 

But, as with all things digital, they need a bit of TLC to truly shine. Allow me to illuminate:

Get the Right Fit: It’s like choosing the right attire for an event. You’ve got to ensure your image size and format are just perfect. Remember, a super-sized image might look great but could be a party-pooper by slowing things down. 

Likewise, choose file formats that are universally welcomed, so no one feels left out.

Inclusivity is Key: Dive into the world of alt text. Think of it as a friendly tour guide for those using screen readers, making your content accessible to everyone. 

It’s also a sneaky spot to sprinkle in some more of those relevant keywords. 

And yes, if your image is saying something vital, make sure it’s translated somewhere in text too.

Images with a Purpose: Always ensure your images are placed with intent. It’s like setting up the decor at a party – it needs to blend with the theme. 

Having a stunning image up top can set the tone for your entire page.

Image Names & SEO, Best Buddies: Naming your images is a little art and a lot of strategy. 

Being descriptive can enhance their search-ability, and structuring the URLs neatly can make them shareable delights, potentially roping in some cherished backlinks.

The Mobile Lens: Envision your images through the eyes of a mobile user. Ensure they look dazzling across all devices. 

Given that many explorers venture through Google Images on mobile, having optimised images can be your secret weapon in the SEO arsenal.

Image Magic Unveiled: Armed with these insights, you’re all set to make your visuals do more than just look good; they’ll work wonders for your SEO too. 

Stick around as we continue to unearth more digital treasures in our ongoing SEO saga.

7. Step Up Your Link Building Game

Dive Deep into SEO’s Best-Kept Secret: Ever wondered how Google’s detectives decide which pages get to walk the red carpet of its Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)? The answer often lies in the universe of external links. 

Power of Digital Endorsements: Think of external links as golden stars from the web’s elite. The magic metric, Domain Authority (DA), acts as a credibility metre. Picture DA as a popularity scale ranging from 0 (the newbie) to 100 (the superstar). 

The name of the game? Wooing the big players! Securing nods from high DA mavens not only adds sparkle to your SEO tiara but ensures you’re in the good books of Google. 

But be cautious! Going after quantity and neglecting quality can be like inviting party crashers they might just rain on your SEO parade.

Crafting a Powerful Link Collection: Ready to make your website the talk of the digital town? Dive into the world of external link-building with these stellar strategies:

Guest Blogging Brilliance: Pen captivating content that screams expertise and value. Offer these gems to renowned websites in your industry and watch your link profile glow.

  • Targeted Link Opportunities: Spot trending content in your niche. Reach out, build relationships, and suggest a cheeky, yet valuable link to your site.
  • Link Exchange Extravaganza: Play the give-and-take game. Connect with sites in your realm, exchange links, and celebrate mutual growth.
  • Partnership Power Plays: Knock on the doors of esteemed partners or organizations. Request them to sprinkle some link magic from their domains onto yours.
  • Podcast Stardom: Turn up the volume with podcasts. As a guest, not only do you share your voice, but you also gain golden links from podcast descriptions.

Charting Your Course to SEO Stardom: With each strategic link added, you’re one step closer to making your website an SEO superstar. Fasten your seatbelts as we continue to explore the vibrant galaxy of SEO strategies. Stay connected, stay informed, and watch your website soar.

8. Optimise for Image SEO

 Peek Behind the Curtain: Image SEO! Think of it as the fairy dust that gives your online visuals some extra sparkle. 

In the grand digital party, your images can be the charming hosts that draw in both the fun-loving crowd (users) and the VIP guests (search algorithms). 

But oh, leaving this magic untouched? You might just miss out on a huge parade of eager visitors waiting to revel in your content. Don’t let that parade pass you by! 

Paving the Path to Image Excellence: Every image you use holds untapped potential. Here’s how to harness it:

Smart Naming: Begin with a strong foundation – give your images descriptive file names that mirror their content.

Alt Text Enrichment: Embrace alt text – a descriptive tag for images that enriches accessibility for all users and fuels keyword power.

Screen Shot 2023 09 15 at 5.14.17 PM

Speedy Visuals: Compress your images to boost your page speed and offer users a swift experience.

Map the Path: Create an image sitemap, guiding search engines to explore and index your visuals with ease.

Structured Image Data: Elevate your image game with structured data. It adds an extra layer of context for search engines, making your images more appealing.

The Image Advantage: By delving into these practices, you’re painting a brighter future for your visuals. Think of it as an invitation for search engines to fall in love with your images, leading to enhanced visibility and engagement.

9. Unlock the Power of ‘People Also Ask’ – Elevate Your SEO Game

Beyond the initial batch of 10 organic results, the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) are a treasure trove awaiting exploration. For SEOs, the landscape demands adaptable strategies that embrace diverse SERP features for maximum advantage.

Ever stumbled upon the “People Also Ask” (PAA) section? It’s a Google SERP feature that casts a spotlight on extra queries related to the initial search. Picture swift answers to these questions, all served on a silver platter.

Screen Shot 2023 09 15 at 5.15.51 PM

Why Optimise for PAA?

Maximizing PAA holds promises aplenty:

  1. Click Through Rate Boost: A doorway to increased CTR, as users delve deeper into your content.
  2. Top SERP Placement: Elevate yourself to the pinnacle of SERP visibility.
  3. Enhanced Brand Recognition: Fuel brand awareness through strategic PAA optimization.

Spotting Opportunities with Position Tracking Tool

  1. Enter Your Domain: Initiate a project and add keywords for tracking.
  2. “Overview” Tab: Peek into the SERP features, filtering by PAA.
  3. Featured Snippets Tab: Identify potential SERP wins, pinpointing featured snippets you’re yet to conquer.

Crafting Your PAA Triumph:

  1. Quick Definitions: Begin with a concise, dictionary-style answer at your content’s outset.
  2. List Love: Embrace numbered and unnumbered lists where they fit.
  3. Interrogate with Questions: Infuse questions into subheaders, weaving them organically.

Embark on Your PAA Journey: As you embark on the quest to seize PAA opportunities, you’re transforming your content into a SERP gem. Stay tuned for more insights, unravelling the complex web of SEO mastery.

10. Purge Harmful Links: Cleanse Your Link Profile

Not all links are your website’s allies. There’s a darker side to the web – toxic links. They’re the culprits that can cast shadows over your rankings, organic traffic, and even your digital reputation.

 Unearthing Toxic Links: The Why

 Here’s why you might be hosting toxic links:

  1. Purchased Links: Exchanging gifts for backlinks? A red flag for toxicity.
  2. Automated Link Creation: Using bots or tools for quick backlinks? Be cautious.
  3. Low Quality Directories: Links from shady directories can taint your site’s health.
  4. Over Optimised Links: When forums and signatures cross the line of over optimization.

 Google’s Take on Toxicity:

Google’s stance is clear – links aimed at manipulating rankings or PageRank breach their rules. Such links are a threat to your site’s reputation and ranking.

Escape the Wrath:

Google might unleash a manual action, jeopardizing your site’s visibility in search results. It’s a scenario you’d want to avoid at all costs.

Tool-Powered Cleanup:

Use our Backlink Audit tool to unveil your site’s link landscape. Follow these steps:

  1. Add Domain and Create Project:
  2. Check the “Overall Toxicity Score”:
  3. Analyze Risk Breakdown:

From here, scrutinize your toxic links. Remove or disavow those that fit Google’s definition of manipulation. Our tool provides step-by-step guidance.

Note of Caution: Disavow wisely. Only target links that genuinely breach Google’s guidelines or are part of a scheme. Missteps could lead to unintended ranking consequences.

11. Discover and Claim Your Competitor’s Lost Treasures: Broken Backlinks

Unearth a secret treasure trove on the web – broken link building. It’s a crafty manoeuvre that involves spotting broken external links on other websites, and then tactfully suggesting a link to your content as a replacement.

Screen Shot 2023 09 15 at 5.16.46 PM

Harness the Power: Unleash Broken Link Building

Your rivals’ broken backlinks hold untapped potential. Imagine snatching these opportunities and turning them in your favour. Here’s your roadmap:

  1. Analyzing the Rivals: Begin by entering a competitor’s domain into our Backlink Analytics tool. Click “Analyze.”
  2. Indexed Pages Insights: Glide over to the “Indexed Pages” tab and flag “Broken Pages.”
  3. Claiming Broken Treasures: Behold – a roster of your competitor’s broken pages emerges. Each is a potential goldmine for you.
  4. Zeroing in on the Goodies: Click the backlinks count to unveil the URLs linked to the broken page.
  5. The Follow Filter: Opt for “Follow” links, unveiling a promising bunch of websites.

Crafting Your Pitch: These websites are your target. Approach them with a proposition to replace the broken link with a link to your content.

Your Path to Triumph: After employing this technique across several competitors, you’ll amass a collection of potential backlinks. All that’s left is to elegantly present your pitch and claim your well-deserved prizes.

12. Keep Your Site in Check: Do Regular Website Check-ups

Regularly looking into your website is like giving it a health check. 

It helps make sure everything’s working smoothly and visitors are happy. Plus, it’s like a detective that finds problems you might not have noticed, such as links that don’t work, pages that are all alone, or pages that take forever to load. 

Screen Shot 2023 09 15 at 5.18.27 PM

Then, you can fix these things before they become big issues.

How to Start:

  1. Make a Project: Create a new place to keep track of your website check-up.
  2. Where to Look: Say where your pages come from.
  3. How Many Pages: Decide how many pages to check.
  4.  Make It Perfect: Add any extra stuff, like things to avoid or special things about your links.
  5. Begin the Check-up: Press a button to start your website check-up.

 The Benefits of Checking:

Imagine a superhero guarding your website. Regular check-ups help you catch problems early and fix them. Whether it’s things that don’t work right or pages that take too long to show up, you can fix them before they bother anyone.

Start Your Website Check-up Journey: By keeping an eye on your website often, you’re making sure it stays in tip-top shape. Get ready to learn more about being a website whiz.

Final Thoughts

Think of SEO as the magic map guiding your website to the treasure of success! 

Whether you’re just starting your digital journey or you’ve trekked the web for years, embracing SEO is like embarking on an epic quest filled with discovery, playful experiments, and sprinkles of imagination. 

With this trusty guide by your side, you’re all set to conquer the peaks of search results, no matter where you started. Onwards to digital glory! 

Need a Starting Point? We’ve Got You Covered!

If you’re not quite sure where to kick off, let our trusty Site Audit tool step in. It’s like a doctor for your website, giving it a thorough check-up. It can pinpoint the most important things to fix, setting you on the right path to digital glory.

Stay curious, keep learning, and soon you’ll be an SEO superhero soaring through the digital skies.

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