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The Truth About AI-Generated Content and SEO

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September 15, 2023
Graphic representation of AI-driven content creation influencing SEO strategies

AI content writer tools are all the rage right now! It seems like everyone’s hopping on the bandwagon to turbo-charge their writing. And, I mean, who wouldn’t? These tools are serious time-savers. But, and it’s a big but, there’s that nagging question: can AI-generated content actually rank on search engines?

John Muller from Google recently hinted that AI content might be seen as spam. Yikes! So, does that mean it’s time to toss out our shiny AI tools? Stick around, because we’re diving deep into the world of AI-written content, its rankability, and so much more.

What is an AI content writer?

Let’s dive into something that’s buzzing right now: AI content writers. Picture this: a digital tool that crafts content for websites just like a chef whips up your favorite dish. You provide a hint of what you need, perhaps a topic or a theme, and voila! It churns out paragraphs faster than you can sip your coffee.

But here comes the tricky part: Does this rapid-fire content get a thumbs-up from search engines like Google? I mean, it’s super convenient for those of us who are always on the go or might be running short on creative juice. But does it have that secret sauce to rank high and shine? Let’s untangle this mystery.

What is AI-generated content?

When we chat about “AI-generated content,” we’re referring to words and ideas cooked up by some super-smart computer algorithms. Most of these techy tools dance with a machine learning model named GPT-3, a brainchild of OpenAI. This genius model works a bit like our brain, using something called artificial neural networks, which are all about deep diving into learning.

So, what’s the magic behind it? These algorithms, after a ton of practice, can learn on their own – kinda like how we learn to ride a bike or whip up a killer spaghetti.

However, and here’s the catch: while the idea of a self-learning computer sounds like a scene from a sci-fi movie, it’s crucial not to think of them as all-knowing robots. They’re learners, just like us. GPT-3, for example, needs a bunch of help from us humans at first. Think of it like training a puppy. It takes loads of repetition, treats, and ‘no’s’ before they get it right. Only in GPT-3’s case, the treats are massive chunks of data.

Once it’s all grown-up and trained, GPT-3 gets its moment to shine. OpenAI tossed it out into the wild as a commercial tool, allowing tech-savvy folks to sprinkle its magic into their own creations – for a price, naturally.

So, next time you toy around with an AI writing buddy, remember, you’re probably jamming with GPT-3’s smarts. Cool, right?

Does AI generated content rank?

Can AI-spun content snag that top spot on search engine results? Well, it’s a game of “yes” and “no.”

Say you whip up content that truly resonates with what users are looking for and stays in the good books of search engine rules. In that case, AI is your buddy, helping you climb the ranking ladder. But if you’re thinking of leaning entirely on our AI friend to churn out content without giving it a personal touch, you might be heading for a tumble.

Think of it this way: it’s like using a cake mix. Sure, you can make a basic cake straight from the box. But adding your own flair, tweaking it here and there, ensures you end up with something much more special. In the world of content, this means blending AI’s efficiency with your personal touch for the best shot at topping those search results.

How to Use AI to Generate High-Ranking Content in 2023

1. Choose your AI content generator.

When picking your AI content buddy, don’t just jump on the ChatGPT bandwagon ’cause it’s making noise everywhere.

Here’s a quick list of some AI content champs:

  • ChatGPT 
  • Jasper
  • Copysmith 
  • Writesonic 
  • CopyAI 

They’ve all got their own flair, strengths, and quirks. So, it’s like picking a fave ice cream flavor; what’s yum for you might not be for someone else. Dive in and find your match!

2. Learn how to best prompt an AI content generator.

Think of AI content tools as that new barista at your local coffee shop. Sure, they’ve got the basics down, but if you want that coffee just right, you’ve gotta be clear with your order.

So, here’s the lowdown on chatting with AI:

  • Content Flavor: What are you craving? A snazzy social media caption? A deep-dive blog? Or some catchy web content?
  • Who’s It For: Imagine who’s sipping that content. Is it for tech geeks? Busy moms? Gym enthusiasts? This helps the AI tailor its lingo.
  • Your Endgame: What’s the vibe? Are you dishing out knowledge, sparking curiosity, making folks laugh, or something else?
  • Special Add-ons: Got specific keywords or a unique twist in mind? Or some fresh data you want to sprinkle in? Just shout out!
  • Order Type: You want a bunch of idea nuggets or a full-blown content meal? Specify!
  • Stir in Some Old Spices: If you’ve got some of your previous writings, toss them in! Let the AI get a feel of your unique style.

Remember, with AI, it’s a two-way street. The clearer you are, the better it serves. So, next time you dive into AI chat, just imagine you’re customizing your fave drink, and you’ll nail it! 

3. Find your Tune

Think of AI as that newbie chef experimenting in the kitchen. Sometimes it’s gourmet, other times… well, not so much. You’ve got to sprinkle a little guidance here and there.

Getting the Recipe Just Right:

  • Missed Ingredients: Did AI skip some juicy info or not serve enough creative ideas? Well, let it know!
  • Taste Test: If the content’s vibe feels off, maybe too formal or too chill, tell AI to tweak its style. Make it loosen the tie or perhaps suit up a bit.
  • Seasoning and Spices: Some AI platforms let you throw in extra prompts or adjust some dials to spice things up. Use them to your advantage!
  • Chatty Chef: Tools like ChatGPT are like kitchen chats. Throw in a question, and see how it responds. It’s a nifty way to explore content angles or get answers.

Remember, AI is like your sous-chef. It’s got potential, but sometimes you gotta guide it to whip up that perfect dish!

4. Source your data and quotes, including adding links

Think of AI like that friend who’s always sharing random “fun facts” – some might be spot on, others… maybe not so much.

AI and The Art of Fact-Checking:

  • The Gossip Chain: Tools like ChatGPT are like those “I heard it from a friend who…” kind of folks. They pull from massive piles of text across the web. Neat, but sometimes you gotta ask, “Where’d you hear that?”
  • Credit Where It’s Due: If you’re spitting out cool stats or facts with the help of AI, make sure you double-check. And always shout out to the original source. Give a little nod to where you got your tidbits.
  • Let’s Talk SEO: Dropping those sweet, sweet links isn’t just about giving props. It’s also SEO gold. So, whether you’re weaving in AI magic or typing up a storm solo, remember to link up to your own stuff and others’.

Bottom line? AI’s awesome, but sometimes it’s like playing a game of telephone. Double-check the facts, drop those links, and you’re golden!

5. Review and edit the content generated.

Think of AI as that super-smart buddy who does your group project’s heavy lifting. Super helpful, but sometimes they need a little…human touch. Here’s the scoop:

  • Buddy System: AI’s like your sidekick, not the main hero. It’s great at doing the draft work, but you’ve gotta add the heart and soul.
  • Quality Control: Sure, many AI tools shout from the rooftops about how great their content is. But, let’s be real. Sometimes they might miss the mark a bit.
  • Sprinkle Some You: Whether it’s adding your own sassy comment, some expert insight, or a cheeky call-to-action, giving it that personal touch can make all the difference. Remember, search engines and readers love a genuine voice.

So, while AI’s a game-changer, it’s all about team effort. You bring the authenticity; let AI handle the heavy lifting.

How to rank AI-generated content?

You can’t just let your AI tool do all the talking, from start to finish. Think of it more like a co-writer, helping you blaze through drafts while you brainstorm the big ideas.

Here are some pro tips that will help you to rank AI-generated content 

  • Create your content marketing strategy

Before diving headfirst into creating any content, let’s pause and think strategy. Yes, even with AI doing the heavy lifting. Remember, the AI tool is kinda like your sous chef – the ingredients you hand over matter. The better the info you feed it, the tastier the content dish it serves up.

Now, put on your detective hat and scour the SERP for any content gaps. Ask yourself: “What’s missing from the top-ranked content? What can I bring to the table?” With those answers, sketch out a plan to make your content the ultimate go-to on the topic. Once you’ve got that roadmap, you’re all set to let the AI magic do its thing. Ready, set, create!

  • Giving Your AI Content a Human Touch!

Sometimes AI-written content can sound…well, a bit robotic. Even with all the fancy GPT-3 technology behind it, you might still stumble upon bits that feel more “machine” than “human.” 

But here’s a little secret: it’s not always the tool’s fault. Sometimes, it’s just about how we’re communicating our needs to it. No one wants to read something that feels like it was churned out by a cold machine, right?

So, let’s jazz up that AI content and give it a more human vibe! 💃 First things first, watch out for those repetitive words that AI tools love so much. A quick skim and you’ll spot ’em. 

Swap them out for some cool synonyms. And hey, while you’re at it, break down those lengthy paragraphs. Make it snappy, easy on the eyes, and don’t forget to sprinkle in those target keywords naturally. 

Let’s make that content sing! 

  • Do keyword optimization

No tool can perfectly slot in keywords for you; that’s a job for us humans. If you’re using GetGenie AI writing tool, it’ll give you a content score. 

After you see the score, the tool suggests improvements. Simply weave in your focus keywords. As you do, the score will rise, showing your content’s potential to shine on search results.

In Conclusion

Wondering if AI-generated content can rank? It all boils down to the content’s quality and relevance. As long as you’re delivering genuine value, guiding readers with authentic information, and ensuring user-friendly content, search engines won’t give you any trouble.

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